Inaugural lecture of GEN at UCL, 29th Oct 2015

What a good start to the Gender Equity Network's series of lectures and events! My lecture - a critical view of the direction that gender equality schemes are taking us - was very well received. (You can see extracts from the lecture ...and notes on the lecture slides here ). The lecture theatre wasn't packed - and Dame Sally Davies turned down my invitation to attend - but the atmosphere suggested that there is a real need for airing some common-sense on the subject of gender equality.

Amongst those attending was an independent film company who are making a documentary about men’s rights in the UK. They filmed the lecture and also stayed to interview some of the attendees. They spoke with Mike Buchanan (Justice for Men and Boys), clinical psychologist and expert on men’s mental health Martin Seager, and Patrick Smyth (Men Do Complain). I don’t know when the documentary is going to be released, but I will be sure to post any updates on the GEN website.

After the lecture we raised a toast the successful future of the Gender Equity Network. Thanks to all who attended and made it a wonderful evening. Please do come again next time to hear Karen Woodall talk on ‘Gender equality in the family courts’ on 10th Dec (6.15pm, AV Hill lecture theatre, UCL).


From Mike Buchanan, of Justice for Men and Boys, posted 30th Oct 2015:

Last night I attended a most interesting presentation by John Barry, at UCL, on the topic of Athena SWAN, the taxpayer-funded initiative designed to bully scientific research bodies into preferencing women for positions, regardless of their merit, or lack of it. The presentation was video recorded, along with the Q&A session and brief interviews of a few people including Patrick Smyth of Men Do Complain and myself.

This was the first presentation on behalf of the Gender Equity Network, and on December 10 Karen Woodall is scheduled to give a presentation. We wish the venture every success.