If you needed proof that gender equality schemes are only allowed to exist because people don't know how toxic they are, well here it is.

At a debate on whether universities need equality schemes such as Athena SWAN, almost everyone in the audience who were undecided before the debate were persuaded by the end of the debate that schemes such as Athena SWAN are not a good idea. In other words, apart from people who have already made up their minds (e.g. employees of the gender equality industry), the more people find out about gender equality schemes, the less they like them.

Belinda Brown (of the Gender Equity Network) was on the panel and made some excellent points. What we like most at the Gender Equity Network is free and open debate, and now you know why.

Details of the debate are here http://www.kcl.ac.uk/ioppn/news/special-events/mau...